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An example of good deeds: an old story.

Once a companion of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) called Saad had gone to the battle field outside Medina. On the way, Saad heard that his mother who had been sick had died. Saad who loved his mother very much came to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and said that he had wanted to give charity on […]

Good Deed – Ohio

I took several of my Spanish students to a Food Pantry this past weekend to have them work with a growing Hispanic community in need. They were able to help out at the pantry by doing things such as stocking, etc, but also were able to meet and work with several Guatemalan and Mexican families […]

Food Drive for Our Neighborhood

The kids in our school brought canned and dry foods to be shared with people in need. The most common food that was brought was probably soup. Many kids shared a box of dry pasta. We collect this kind of food because it will not go bad easily or quickly.

Good Deeds Food Drive


Good Deeds in Morocco


I’m amine from Moulay Ismail school, Morocco. My friends and I have collected some money in order to help a student in our school so as to perform a surgical operation.

Good Deeds in Morocco

His mother comes to take money and she was so happy.

Amine hamri Moulay Ismail School Teacher: Aisha […]

A smile can be a good deed that brings happiness

A smile.

A smile is a beautiful symbol of friendliness A smile is a very nice emblem of kindness A smile is a sharp tool to abolish sadness.

It’s a remedy to those who suffer from stress, It gives courage and helps those who are helpless And it makes the pessimists less hopeless. With a […]

My Recent Good Deed

I know that we’re not supposed to brag about our good deeds. So, don’t brag, but please share! Your good heart might inspire someone.

My last good deed: While in a dressing room at a store, I saw money on the floor. At first I thought, “I’m not going to pick up a few cents […]

Help Others and They will Help You Too

Once upon a time there was a young boy whose name was Sabir. He lived in a small village near a forest. One day he went to the forest to find some fruits. When Sabir climbed on the tree there was a little monkey. His leg was injured very badly. Sabir keep the monkey in […]

Help Others – Ali’s & The Sea

Once upon a time there was a boy named Ali lived in a small village.. he was very honest and responsible. People of his village love him so much.

Korangi Academy Good Deeds

One day he went on sea side for a picnic with his family as he can swim very well he got […]

Help Others – The Old Lady

One day I was going to school, I saw an old lady on the road who was trying to cross the road, but due to heavy traffic, she was unable to cross the road. She was holding a heavy bag on her shoulders. She was a very feeble lady. When I saw the lady I […]

Don’t Listen to Rumors!

Don’t Listen to Rumors! Once upon a time there was a village whose name was Abad. The village was famous due to the cruelty of the people. People say that the villagers always quarrel with each other and used to abuse. With such kind of rumors no body intend to go to the village. When […]