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Don’t Listen to Rumors!

Don’t Listen to Rumors! Once upon a time there was a village whose name was Abad. The village was famous due to the cruelty of the people. People say that the villagers always quarrel with each other and used to abuse. With such kind of rumors no body intend to go to the village. rumors
When my result of class V was announced, my father promised to bring the whole family to a picnic to country side. We all were very happy. When we were on the way suddenly our car became out of order due to some technical problem. It was dark when it happened and we had to spend the whole night. We were just near by the Abad village. We were worried as well as hungry. Well we entered the village but we did not find anything to eat. We decided to knock the door and a lady comes out and listening to our condition helped us and gives us bread with tea to eat. We thanked God who helped us in that dangerous night. We all thanked the old lady and realized that the rumors were not correct. If they were correct then no one would help us that night.

Korangi Academy Good Deeds

Korangi Academy Good Deeds

Next day we came back home. Now whoever says that villagers of Abad village are so dangerous we used to tell them our story and tried to convince them that all people in the village are not rude. Friends remember there is always good with bad it is not possible that no one is good any where. We should not believe in rumors.

Rozina Gul
Teacher: Hina Iftikhar
Class V
, Korangi Academy


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  • Alla Kresse

    Thanks for making my morning a little bit better with this great article!!

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