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Our New Lonely Neighbour

She was an old lady who lived on the other side across the street. everybody was celebrating with their mothers or their kids. But the lights were off at her place, I asked my mother about her she said she had recently moved to our neighborhood and she had neither a husband nor kids.The very […]

More from Grammar School Rawalpindi

We should all do good deeds to others and with parents.

• When someone is in difficulty, we should help him like: • If some old men cannot cross the road, we should help him cross it. • If a poor man wants money, we should give it to him. • If any animal […]

Good Deeds from Grammar School Rawalpindi

These contributions are by the children of Grade VI, Grammar School RawalpindiChaklala Branch.

A good deedIs the best deedAnd those who do this deedAre like beautiful beadsThey fulfill the human needsThey feed the human beingsAnd look after the people in needThey are always ready to leadThey seek Allah Almighty’s guidanceIn prostration when they kneelThey never […]

Action for Orphans

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???? ??????? ??????????? ? ???, ??? ?? ????? ?????? ?????-??????? ???? ??????? ?.??????? ???????? ??, ??? ??? ?? […]

I am Sorry!

Well, this is a story that happened to me two years ago. I hope you will like it:

Friendship is the most important thing in our life, so we should know how to be friends with others and how to like our friends as we like ourselves. We also should try to forgive them whatever […]

No Enough Money

One day, when I was very late for my school, I forgot my money at home but I didn’t notice that until I reached the square where I usually get on the bus. At that moment I couldn’t come back home because I didn’t have enough time and I also had Arabic exam.


Does it Worth it?

Have you ever got the feeling, or ask your self the question;

“Is it really worth it to bother yourself and get your self off to work forsomeone else?”

Aha! Actually, I get that feeling sometimes but when I see how happy the person I did him/her good is. I start thinking that, Yes! […]

Money for Charity

A group of Syrian people are doing their best to raise money for charity. And They built a hospital to treat poor people who have cancer. It will be responsible of the expenses of treatment. However, It needs some money to finish up the building and buy its equipments .So I decided made a […]

Hello from Belarus: A Teenager Problem

Now there are many teenagers that have bad habits such as alcoholism, drugs, and smoking.My elder brother began to contact with teenagers from unfavorable families. Then he started to smoke and drink alcohol. He got to militia many times. He wanted to enter the University but he failed. He stole money from our mother in […]

A Unique Person

Hi,This is Inas 🙂I want to tell you about the person who does good deeds for me again and again without complain . Nothing forces her to do some thing like that for me .I hurt her feelings , I made many big mistakes for her , although I made all those mistakes , she […]