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More from Grammar School Rawalpindi

We should all do good deeds to others and with parents.

• When someone is in difficulty, we should help him like:
• If some old men cannot cross the road, we should help him cross it.
• If a poor man wants money, we should give it to him.
• If any animal is in danger, we should help him
• If anyone has problems in studies, we should help him.
• To give someone smile is also included in good deeds.
• If someone starts fighting, we should stop the fight. If anyone is doing bad work, we should stop him.
• We should not lie.
• We should not speak the bad language that anyone feels bad.
• We should encourage others doing good things.

Saif Ahmed Kayani
VI Grammar School Rawalpindi
Chaklala Branch

Good Deeds

Pray five times a day.
Obey elders.
Be helpful to everyone.
To speak the truth.
Always work honestly.
Obey rules.
To remain organized.
Thankful to Allah for everything.

Yusra Rohail
VI Grammar School Rawalpindi
Chaklala Branch

When we see any kind of danger, we should help them.
When someone needs something that you have but that person does not have, we should share that thing with that person.
• Should give money to the poor.
• By not disturbing others for our sake.
• By helping our parents in different works.
• Keeping our country clean.
• By taking good care of pet animals.
• By taking good care of plants.
• By being obedient in school.
• By being respectful and by obliging others.
• By observing manners.
• By helping old people doing there chores.
• By doing all our work ourselves and not bothering others.
• By stopping people from bad things like drinking wine, smoking and murdering.
• By not taking revenge and instead forgiving and by not fighting and quarrelling and teasing someone.
Rimsha Qurban
VI Grammar School Rawalpindi
Chaklala Branch

A good deed is a deed which brings happiness to others.
• Helping others is a kind deed.
• Giving something to a greedy person is a good deed.
• Even if someone needs a pen you give him yours that is a good deed.
• Giving way to somebody is a good is a good deed.
• Even passing a smile is a good deed.
One day, I saw a person who helped an old man cross the road. He did a good deed.

Maha Farooqi

A good deed
Is the best deed
And those who do this deed
Are like beautiful beads
They fulfill the human needs
They feed the human beings
And look after the people in need
They are always ready to lead
They seek Allah Almighty’s guidance
In prostration when they kneel
They never lie and cheat
And are always ready to greet
They put the layers of loving sheets
And never bother about other’s greed
And they are the best of creed

Rabia Latif
Grade VI
Grammar School Rawalpindi
Chaklala Branch.

Good Deeds
There are two kinds of deeds:
Good deeds and bad deeds.
Here, I am discussing good deeds. Deeds are the actins to perform in our life. There are always two paths, leading towards prosperity, success, and towards destruction, desolation. But to choose correct path is very difficult.
It is our responsibility to always take the right path and perform those deeds which lead to a prosperous, successful life.

Now I will tell about good deeds which can be performed.

• Always respect your elders
• Offer prayers five times a day
• Fulfill your duties honestly
• Avoid addiction
• Always speak truth
• Make reading a habit
• Sleep early at night
• Get up early in the morning
• Always have proper breakfast
• Always help others
• Don’t throw trash outside the bin

Now I will discuss some of the good deeds mentioned
We must respect our elders. When we give due respect to our elders, the young ones will respect us in the future as it is a cyclic process of all nations. To offer prayers is to keep ourselves with religion. In our busy lives, we have to manage to keep the time to offer prayers, so that we keep in touch with our religion Islam. Furthermore, offering prayers is beneficial for our spiritual and physical health.

Whatever occupation we have, it must be fulfilled with honesty. For example, policemen should protect people from danger with honesty.
Smoking and all kinds of addiction should be thrown out of our lives. We should always speak the truth and help others to solve their problems.
Reading is a good habit which can increase our vocabulary and enhance speaking and writing skills.

Taking exercise daily is necessary because, “A sound body has sound mind”.
If a person does not have proper health, he would not have a good brain to think. Breakfast is also very necessary to keep a person healthy. Never make trash and do not throw litter your room, house, city, country, so as to keep the whole world clean.

Aqib Malik
Grade VI
Grammar School Rawalpindi
Chaklala Branch.

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