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Hand in Hand for Our School

Here I am from Ruqaya School, sharing with you our latest events regarding the project Good Deeds. on Jan. 26, 2010 we decided to unify our efforts for the sake of our school. our SS gathered and cleaned the school yeard along with organizing the halls and classes.

Asma Al-KasbiAsma Al-BaloushiFatma Al-HajriHanaa AL-Hajri

Ruqaya […]

Goog Deeds from Al-khalili School in Oman

A group of students from AL-Khalili school from Oman – Nizwa visited about 60 sick children aged of new born to 8 years old. First the were welcomed by the in charge of the hospital Saad AL-Hadhrami. Then they met the children and sat with them for a short time playing with them and sharing […]

Good Deeds from Al-Mumena Primary School in Oman

I am going to write the plan of iearn group of the school. First of all we are working with cooperation with public social work activity and the Islamic culture group. So far we have achieved the following activities:

Helping the Poor Cleaners – Oman

It is winter now and the weather is cold, therefore, we decided to help the poor workers and cleaners in the school who always come from the early morning to work and clean the school. The students asked to buy gloves for them or make them a cup of tea to keep warm. So, next […]

Good Deeds in AL-Ajyal A’Saeeda School – Oman

We shared the social worker in our school in the donation box to help poor and orphan people. We told our students about the box and to whom we will give the money that we all will collect. They accepted the idea and they asked us to give some of the money for Palestinians too.


More Good Deeds from Oman & GD Cards

Dear all,

In this topic, Teacher Faiza and me Teacher Marwah will post all our students’ work here.

We started the second meeting for our students in which we distributed some work to each student to do but they can all do it together too. We asked about their ideas and they came with […]

Good Deeds in Oman


Yesterday, we started our activities in the project. We visited the center of disabled children. We took presents for them. My pupils played with these innocent children. In fact, it was wonderful. I will post my pupils writings and the photos soon.

RegardsBahia Alrashdi Oman


Prayer booklet at Ruqaia school in Oman

Nothing can stop the good deeds at our school which help us in making the students aware of the needs of the good deeds in our religion. One of the things that we have done is designing a booklet which will help the students know the right actions of each prayer during the day in […]