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Helping my Grandmother

Once, I was going to school when my father called me and told me that my grandma was alone at her house and was not so good. I didn’t go to school, I went to my grandma’s house. When I arrived there my relatives have called an ambulance and they were waiting for that . […]

Good Deeds in Brazil

Deyvisson Ferreira CILT_I4_070 Hello, my name is Deyvisson Ferreira, I’m from Brazil. I’m seventeen years old and I study English at Cilt in Taguatinga, DF, Brazil and I´m in the third year of high school. Well, I’m here to explain about this project which will aid various people in need. Thanks for the opportunity!!! 🙂 […]

A Good deed…….. A Little Advice

people in deficiency or in need should be given priority. We should’nt put obstacles between us and them. On the contrary, we all have to do our best to make their life better. Good deeds aren’t only actions.. Nice words can also leave the same effective influence that good actions usually do.

So I think […]

A little Child

I was walking with my friends when I saw a little child who was cryingbecause he had lost his mother. He did not speak well so, I took him to the mosque and a man called on the people telling them about the child. An hour later his parents came , took him and thanked […]


When I was in Eid Alfitr, I saw a child, he wore a very old sweater and he looked poor.He was watching the children playing near him… and he definitely hoped to do, to eat and to wear like them ….I looked at him …, my heart really hurt me , then I took him […]