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Spreading a smile without knowing..

Hello friends,

I am Rabeya from Karachi, Pakistan. A student of grade 10 at habib girls’ school. I don’t know if this was a good deed or not, but b/c it made someone feel better and spread a smile on her face, i decided it was a good deed. […]

Good deed or foolish deed?


I tried to do a good deed on Sunday, May 23rd but think that it turned into a foolish deed.

I went to an office supply store called Staples to get two items laminated (covered with a sheet of plastic). Next to the store was a doubled […]

“Yes 2004”

my name is zahra and I am from aga khan school,garden karachi.I have attached the report of good deed I have done not only I but we total the group of YES scholars from karachi has done it together.Its some about that we have with our all efforts have cle aned the beach […]

Hello from Uzbekistan

HI EVERYONE. I am Site Monitor of Internet Centre of school 20 Fergana city, Uzbekistan. On given moment we work with our volunteer of the centre on this project. I have conducted the small seminar about good action in general, about that that we must help the nee ding retiree. Each day […]

Our BIG & Dangerouse Enemy

Hello I am Heba 17 YEARS OLD,FROM EGYPT … i ‘d like to say thank u very very very much for talkin about that very dangerous problem that threaten our life all over the world . i thank all people who get in here to talk about how to save […]

Cleaning The Beach!

Today we went to the sunny beach of karachi,for baech cleaning .We reached there at about 8 am ,and started working in the pairs .We collected dumps of garbage which the karachites daily throw in the beautiful sea . It was all part of community service ,t he purpose of this activity […]

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Amal Ahmed

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??? ?? Forums : Social Studies Good Deeds ????? ??????? : ?? 15/6/2004 ??? 20/8/2004 ????? ???????? ????????? : ??? ???? ??????? / ????? ???? ????? ?????? : ??? ?????? ???????? ?????? IEARN : ?/ ????? ???? Contents ????? ?? ??????? : ?????? […]


Write to you to the Site Monitors of Educational Internet Centers from schools ? 20 cities of Ferganas and ? 9 cities of Margelan from Uzbekistan. We with the volunteers have decided to begin work above the project ” Good deeds “. We p lan to visit children’s homes of our cities […]

Joining your project

Teachers and students from Ferghana city, Uzbekistan, active iEARN participants would like to join your project. We have already started our work – discussed the topic and how our students understand it. And what is more important – we’ve decided to start a good action ourselves. By the 9th of May our […]