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Spreading a smile without knowing..

Hello friends,

I am Rabeya from Karachi, Pakistan. A student of grade 10 at habib girls’ school.

I don’t know if this was a good deed or not, but b/c it made someone feel better and spread a smile on her face, i decided it was a good deed.

One of my class mates left for US when we were in grade 6. She returned after 3 years and was re-admitted in our school. On her first day, no one came and greeted her and everone thought that b/c she’s been exposed to US and has american accent, she may h ave turned into a snob.I happened to pass by and saw her and greeted her. we talked for a long time and when we left, both of us were in good spirits.

A fwe days back, when we had a meeting in our school about trusting people, that girl said that “rabeya was the 1st person to come and talk to me so nicely, everybody thought i was a snob, but she didn’t and i think i can trust her”

It meant the world to me! :sillygrin: :sillygrin:



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