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More Good Deeds from USA

lets face the facts, there is a lot of pollution :frown: . well guess what? you can help stop pollution by riding your bike, picking up trash and recycling. how did you help stop pollution today?

do you turn off the lights when the sun is coming through?do you have a recycling bin?(school or […]

Good Deeds in Kenya

On February 5th a total of 39 diploma student went to a slum in Bombolulu for deworming exercise. The diploma students undergo an introductory session in research. This is in preparation to the 40 hrs extended essay which is they do for their diploma. This year the students were doing a CAS exercise of deworming […]

Helping my Mother

Good deeds are things we can do every day. confused? For instance sometimes I help my mom. I also help my friends with school work. You can do all sorts of things to help people. You can help the environment, too. You can plant trees or pick up trash.

Tell me your good deeds. i […]


If you want to save a lot of electricity than you’d better turn off the lights when you leave the room, especially in the USA because of the huge economy crisis.

Claire fridkin,USA

Helping a Friend

hi i am Nic. Good deeds are something somebody does to be nice like i once saw my friend Camron had trouble on the ISAT benchmark test on division so i told him put the smaller number into the bigger number as many times as possible.bye bye folks!

Helping a Teacher

Every Wednesday I help Mrs Kaufman (the 1st grade teacher) teach science club because it can get really chaotic. 😮


I have done alot. I help a teacher teach her kids science. chaos happens alot. I have to always keep turning the lights off to get the kids to quiet down but they almost […]