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I think that if you want to hepl someone you have to be able to help yourself first. You have to fix the things you have do wrong in your life then you can help others. We have to try be better person so that then you can help someone else to be […]

hi Mike, it is me nadia and i have did something special to someone like my family because they help me alot we alway clean up my house……

your friend, nadia thacker 😀 “nadia thacker”

hi everyone i like the idea of the project so much but i thinking of taking it one step further why should not we make the kids work to help the others and in the same time get help from the others , they can give hand to each other in the school , parents […]

Hey Melanie,

My name is Nuria and I am from New York, my parents are from Puerto Rico. I am so glad that you learned enEnglishnd sign language, that is really amazing you learned two languages in such a short time.

I am proud to see my Puer to Rican people succeeding, congrats! I agree […]

Hi Sarah

I think you are rite but we still got to work a lot to change the world it’s going to take a while to work but iearn is a good start. Im 14 years old and im Hard of hearing, i attend to a school named Delaware School for the dea. I […]