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Examples of Good Deeds

Hello Abdullah,

You asked for us to share ideas for good deeds. First, I think the most important thing to teach children is that a good deed can be big, or small, seen and unseen. We do not have to show our good deeds for them to be good, and our good deeds may seem […]

Good Deeds as the Mainstream

Dear Ismail

I would like first to thank you for your great project and the tremendously achieved deeds and the philanthropy that you and your students chose to foster. It is a great pride to iEARN community to have you among us and pace these gigantic steps towards perfection. It is my pleasure to thank […]

Teachers as Role Models

Hi Gioko,

I hope you are doing well with your project.I like so much your ‘Good Deeds’ project. Certainly, it’s a splendid and noble dedication to carry out this wonderful project. In fact, I believe this is a significant “good deeds” initiative for the benefit of all the humanity. As you mentioned before, living in […]

A Small Drop Runs a River

It really showed how a simple deed would change society to the better. By involving students in that project, they are made to live the reality of villages. They also learn about their conditions by contact. They is no mediator between them. By combining inside and outside the classroom, you have succeeded in encouraging your […]