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Teachers as Role Models

Hi Gioko,

I hope you are doing well with your project.
I like so much your ‘Good Deeds’ project. Certainly, it’s a splendid and noble dedication to carry out this wonderful project. In fact, I believe this is a significant “good deeds” initiative for the benefit of all the humanity. As you mentioned before, living in this egocentric and materialistic world, any good deed, be it small or big, is of an intrinsic value, there is so much to do to make our world a place for better living. Children should learn how to behave in ways that show care, brotherhood, mercy and sacrifice towards the other. They, also, should be involved in various activities to reflect upon their deeds.

I think that we, as teachers, have so many things to do to instill in our students good behaviors. Most of the students take us as their models. Thus, it is compulsory for us to be responsible, show respect, help incessantly, treat equally, advise nicely, show compassion, and say nice words… to induce students to do likewise.

I try together with o ther teachers in our high school to make students aware of the importance of all ‘Good Deeds’. We work in the school club on themes like civic conduct inside and outside the school, classmates’ relationships, poverty, voluntary work, and so on, in order to sensitize students to the fact that every good deed they do counts and can bring positive changes around.

Still, I always raise questions about what’s going on locally and globally in the world. How come that we haven’t yet been able to do good things to the people who suffer everywhere? Why do people still do not care when it comes to environmental issues?

For sure, if we help student to understand that every good deed is valuable, we can bring fabulous changes to our world. Isn’t it?

I wish you good luck with your project.

Aziz Bakader
high school elmajd
Zagora, Morocco

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