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A Small Drop Runs a River

It really showed how a simple deed would change society to the better. By involving students in that project, they are made to live the reality of villages. They also learn about their conditions by contact. They is no mediator between them. By combining inside and outside the classroom, you have succeeded in encouraging your students to take part in porgrammes that will improve their community.

I am doing the same with my class these days. We are having a two-week fund raising to help abandoned women in nursery homes. My students paid them a visit and inquired about their needs. Thus we tried to convince students, teachers and administrative staff to take part , too. My students and I are collecting anything that can help relieve the pain of those women.

I do believe that by exchanging and sharing such experiences, other people would take part, too. It is just a simple thing. Be ready to sacrifice one’s time for the benefit of others. Moreover, when iearners read your participation, they would certainly look around them for needy people or dirty streets or just visit hospitals. They would support the sick whose families are away by visiting them from time to time and start chatting with them to boost their morale.

Yet, a lot of questions rose up : How can we convince people to take part in such projects ? Why do people fight only for their rights and they are not ready to fulfill their obligations ? When will people understand that good deeds can save them, their families and society as a whole ? When will people be convinced that a small drop and a small drop can run a river? Why can not educated people give good examples to start doing good deeds ?

Once again, I am grateful to you and iEARN for giving me the floor to express myself and share with you my experience.

Stay well and keep on good deeds.

Mohamed Bakkas
Ibn Soulaimane Roudani School

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