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Re: Teaching Good Deeds

Nowadays most of us lost our feeling .Caring our surrounding or others seem to be a legend or a strange thing, because we are so busy with the world business for our own need.Sometimes we forget that the real life is not here.Really good lesson for me ” Good Deed”. So that I told my […]

Crisis in Bangladesh!

By now you are aware about the devastation of hurricane SIDR which took away around 3,500 lives (as roughly counted up to 20.11.2007, the figure is raising daily) and damaged all most all the properties of the people in the south, south-western coastal parts of Bangladesh. The damages are not repairable. Nevertheless, to […]

Re: Teaching Good Deeds

On the topic of good deeds, do you think the laws of life should be an encouragement for good deeds? You are rewarded for good deeds or you are punished? Should people do good deeds for personal satisfaction or for recognition? Are the laws of life fair as far as justifying what is good and […]

International Education Week!

Dear friends!!!!We have joined your amazing project. I together with the students of whole school organized the fair of national dishes. Students presented their own chosen country and sold their dishes by books, stationary and by money. The received things were donated to orphans and physically disabled students. With the help of money we […]

Re: Teaching Good Deeds

I agree Good Deeds are contagious! As a pre-service teacher I hope to instill in my students a sense of good deeds/community service whether it be giving a pencil to a student who needs one, sending a letter to a soldier, letting someone in line at the grocery store go ahead of you, volunteering at […]

Teaching Good Deeds

This project is great. I am a pre-service teacher and I just want to comment that good deeds should be taught in school as well as in the home. I hope to incorporate this into my classroom on a daily basis. I want my students to want to help others. I want them to understand […]

Extremely Grateful

With all the horrible news we see on television, it is hard to believe that there are still good people out in the world. I have personally experienced good deeds being done for my family over the years and I see what an impact it can make on the receiver. My little bother needed braces […]