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Extremely Grateful

With all the horrible news we see on television, it is hard to believe that there are still good people out in the world. I have personally experienced good deeds being done for my family over the years and I see what an impact it can make on the receiver. My little bother needed braces several years ago and it was going to take a lot for my family to be able to pay for it. My parents worked and saved to pay for the braces. When my mother went to pay the down payment, she was told that someone had already taken care of everything and she would not have to worry about a thing. This took a load off of my family and we were extremely grateful. The office would not tell her who had done this and we never figured it out. As a thank you, my mother made a cake for the office to give to whoever paid for the braces (she makes the best cakes!)

A more recent situation happened to my sister and her husband. They were celebrating their three year anniversary this past month and went to eat at a nice restaurant in Atlanta. They had a wonderful dinner and when they asked for the check, the waitress said the couple that was sitting next to them paid for the whole meal.
Good deeds like these cause a chain reaction. Since my family has been blessed in so many ways from good deeds, we try to return the favor by performing good deeds for others anonymously.
I believe we do good deeds because we know there are people in the world that are not as well off as we are and everyone can use a pick-me-up every once in a while. The good deed does not have to be big and expensive for someone to appreciate it. Just making someone elses day makes the giver feel good too.

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