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Syria First!

An Acrostic to all Syrians

S.. Sun-shining you are despite destruction and anger.

Y.. Your youth are vulnerable but day after day become stronger

R.. Ready to courageously struggle to abolish this era so darker,

I.. Ignite hope in people’s hearts though they deeply suffer,

A.. Ambitious they are and say that the […]

Good Deeds by Beaconhouse N. Nazimabad Primary – 1

Hello all iEARN Fellows !I am Farheen Khalid, an I.T. teacher from Beaconhouse North Nazimabad Primary – 1. My students of Class VI have also put their efforts in to participate in this project. Young Entrepreneurs set up a school based enterprise and donated all of the earned amount generously to Children Cancer Hospital on […]

Good Deeds in Bahrain

This is Alaa Isam , one of IEARN – West Riffaa secondary girls school in Bahrain. It’s my second year in IEARN team , but I actually think that I just started. Our beginning was with the good deeds project and we successed. What we have done is that we created a weekly cafe in […]

Helping Others Pictures!

Beaconhouse School System Defence Campus Teacher: Musarat_Anjum Karachi, Pakistan


Good Deeds in Islam

Good deeds in Islam, Feb 23, 2011 Asfand Khattak Teacher: BSS Nowshera Pakistan Beaconhouse School System, Nowshera Campus

Students Recycling Efforts at Nativity School

Students help with recycling efforts at Nativity School

Teacher: Patti Burwinkel Nativity School United States

Good Deeds in AlSoqor Model School – UAE

Abdelrahman Eisa Teacher: Tariq Refaat Alsoqor model school UAE


Reeds Spring Elementary Good Deeds

Reeds Spring Elementary Second Grade students visiting an assisted living home, May 2, 2011.

Ellie Rapp Reeds Spring Elementary Road United States



Helping Junior Staff of school

Students of NNP3 has given away the gifts to the junior staff to help their children.

The junior staff of school received the gifts for their own children… 🙂

Students of NNP3 have given away the gifts to the junior staff to help their children.


Helping poor people

I am Hassaan Paracha. I am giving money to a poor man, asking for money. We should help the poor people.If they hungry we should give them food and if they need any help we should help them.

Class: VI-A Beaconhouse School System Defence Campus Karachi Pakistan