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Response to “How to Win in Life”

Hi. My name is Barbara. I am a student at Georgia State University in the U.S. I enjoyed reading your message about the importance of setting high goals for yourself and believing that you can achieve them. I agree with your observations that we do no t know […]

Change the world

There are is so much evil going on in the world that I want to bring an awareness that one good deed can make a lot of difference. I am making an appeal to everyone who reads this message not to think only about himself or herself. Let us unite and make […]

One small good deed can do wonders!

Hello Everyone!

My name is April Previte and I am a student at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA, USA. One good deed, no matter how small, can change one person. When that person changes for the better, then the world gets a little brighte r. I […]