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One small good deed can do wonders!

Hello Everyone!

My name is April Previte and I am a student at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA, USA. One good deed, no matter how small, can change one person. When that person changes for the better, then the world gets a little brighte r. I have a friend that was going through some very tough times and I never knew how disturbed and depressed she truly was until two years ago. I would help her with homework, invite her over to my house so that she could get out of hers for a while, an d just sit and listen. By opening my home and help to her, she was able to get out of a bad situation and is now trying to go to college. Even when I’m at the grocery store, I always try to help someone if they are having problems with their bags. By b eing kind to one person, that person will end up doing something good for someone else, and the cycle keeps going on. I think that if we start out with the little good deeds, the great deeds will be a piece of cake. :sillygrin:

“Atlanta-April Previte”

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