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Re: Do you hate poor man?

Hello, My name is Jennifer and I live in Atlanta, GA. I am a Georgia State University student. Since going to school in Atlanta, I have witnessed poor people who are homeless and live on the streets. Many have mental problems and some are just poor with no place […]

For chaging the world,First,We have to change ourselves. Fereshteh Tehran Iran 11:05 😐

“Fereshteh Abbasi”


I can relate to what you are saying, some homeless just break my heart. I feel like giving them everything I got. Homeless animals, make my heart crumble, though I have not seen many in New York in the past few years.

Ismail, a smil e can win over anyone, is a […]

“random acts of kindness”

Hello everyone, My name is Jan and I am from Atlanta Georgia (USA). I attend Georgia State University full time as an education major. I currently work at a local coffee shop 20-30 hours a week as well. As you can tell, I am a very busy young lady. However, a […]

Hi Nuria,

I like your philosophical approach. I must admit that I really hate seeing all the homeless people around me. I feel overwhelmed, because I want to give them money or food, but cannot give them to all. And i am very suspicious of them– are they really homeless? But if a person […]

Re: Do you hate poor man?

Hi Friends,

I like poor people very much & iwant to help them by giving money ,food ,clothes and good things to eat.I will like to educate them.

zain& arsalan “Mohammad Zain”