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“random acts of kindness”

Hello everyone,

My name is Jan and I am from Atlanta Georgia (USA). I attend Georgia State University full time as an education major. I currently work at a local coffee shop 20-30 hours a week as well. As you can tell, I am a very busy young lady. However, a couple of days ago I clearly recognized the importance of taking time out of my schedule to do “random acts of kindness” or “good deeds” for other people. I was influenced to make this a priority by a drive-thru customer at my work (the coffee shop). This swee t lady came through our drive through and ordered a small cup of coffee. She drove around to pay and noticed that a car had just placed an order behind her. She asked me for her total and then insisted on paying for the car behind her too. She didn’t a sk for their total. I told her that they had a rather large bill. I asked her if she was sure that she wanted to pay it. She said to me “that’s why they call it random acts of kindness, it wouldn’t be random if I picked the price that I was willing to pay.” She then smiled and drove off. The lady in the car behind her smiled for the first time that day. A complete stranger had turned her day around. This inspired me. Being a “broke college student” with a “broke college students job”, I don’t hav e the money to spare on strangers (or even myself for that matter). But I do have a heart and creative mind to “spend” instead. I want to make someone smile the way that the customer in the drive thru did. I want the world to smile like that-yes I do! 🙂


“Atlanta-Jan Beckwith”

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