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Response to “How to Win in Life

Hi. My name is Barbara. I am a student at Georgia State University in the U.S. I enjoyed reading your message about the importance of setting high goals for yourself and believing that you can achieve them. I agree with your observations that we do no t know how much ability we possess until we try to achieve our goals and learn to overcome obstacles in order to achieve them. It seems there is something rather important about overcoming the obstacles we encounter on our way to achieving our goals. It may also be true that the positive attitude required to continue to pursue our goals helps to shape our character and determine the kind of person we are to become in life. This is certainly the case in your example of Abraham Lincoln, a man who rose fr om poverty to become one of the most determined leaders in American history.

I think also that in order to win in life, we must consider the impact of our actions on the people around us, those who will be affected by our actions. History is filled with the stories of people who have achieved success or fame at the expense of ord inary men, women, and children. One who is able to accomplish his or her goals while treating other people with respect and dignity is the real winner in life.


Georgia State University

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