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More Good Deeds from USA

lets face the facts, there is a lot of pollution :frown: . well guess what? you can help stop pollution by riding your bike, picking up trash and recycling. how did you help stop pollution today?

do you turn off the lights when the sun is coming through?
do you have a recycling bin?(school or home)
do you bring a reusable lunch contianer?
Do you Break your pencil?
do you use compost bins?(school or home)
Do you use cloth bags for grocerys?
do you use both sides of a paper?
do you use the same water bottles some days in a row?
when you think of a good deed, what do you think of?
do you use glass cups?
do you erase your mistakes instead of scratching them out?

Elijah Palden



My friend Jazmine let my other friend Delaney borrow Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules. I thought that was nice.

She lives at my house and I have to do a lot of good deeds to her. She lives in China but is visiting America for a year.

I Love Doing Good Deeds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What About you???????????????????????

In the phrase “Going Green”…
Going green is awesome!
to me going green means helping the environment.

Claire Fridkin

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  • kristelle del rosario

    Me here loves to do good deeds. I can’t explain what I feel every time when I extend help, from small or big it is. Doing a good deed means a lot for me so i share in this site where my friend introduce also. A Global Tribe. Millions of good deeds are on their way!

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