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Good Deeds as the Mainstream

Dear Ismail

I would like first to thank you for your great project and the tremendously achieved deeds and the philanthropy that you and your students chose to foster. It is a great pride to iEARN community to have you among us and pace these gigantic steps towards perfection. It is my pleasure to thank you again and hope you more success.

To my great appreciation I found many positive aspects in this project. To start with I shall mention the altruist target and the obvious goal of keeping students conscience alive. Added to the courageously implemented vision and the philanthropic effort.

Indeed I think we share some of the same perspectives about good deeds and the altruist projects in general. Thus we may meet in so many points and have identical views. I know that the world could be changed by slightly paced steps. I believe also that your efforts to open the frontiers of learning in class to a wider day to day life class room where studen ts could learn from their interactivity and positive thought and additive tangible deeds

All those field visits and the campaigns are a great success with everlasting influence they are not only your students new gains the success I am glad to say is ours it is thanks to sharing them via iEARN forums and software announcement that all I earners will have an idea about how a world can be changed how a small plant can thrive bloom and spread the branches and gives shade over wider spaces and teaches new generations such good habits and faith that there is a brighter angles to the world.

I allow my self the chance to ask you about the secret of this success and how had it come to your mind the idea of launching such an enormous project with great motivation? And were there real obstacles and challenges? And how come that you overcame them? About your future prospect do you think that good deeds will be sooner the mainstream and notorious deeds only the exc eption ?

Please keep in touch and tell us about your recent deeds

Thanks again and welcome to collaborate like any positive iEARNERS should do


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