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Good Deeds in Brazil

Deyvisson Ferreira CILT_I4_070 Hello, my name is Deyvisson Ferreira, I’m from Brazil. I’m seventeen years old and I study English at Cilt in Taguatinga, DF, Brazil and I´m in the third year of high school. Well, I’m here to explain about this project which will aid various people in need. Thanks for the opportunity!!! 🙂
Hello we are group from Brazil,our names are Jéssica, Jean,Pedro, Ra?nni and Raquel. We are about 14 our 15 years old.Our teacher’s name is Valda. In Brazil our favorite sport is soccer. We would like to tell you about a project we are working it is Called “The Character Counts”. Would you like to now about this? 😎 Thank You Braziliam Group 😎 :eyeroll: :asleep: :worried: :sheepish:

Hello Anne! Our names are Epifânia, Luiza, Marianna, Nara and Paulo. We are group from Brazilia – Brazil. Our teacher’s name is Valda, she’s a good teacher. We are in level B5. We have been working on a project called the character counts. Would you like to know about it? Brazilian group thank’s Good luck for you. :pbpt: :smile

Hello everybody :pbpt: My name is Erick Meirelles, I’m from Brazil, I live in Brasilia… I’m eighteen years old, I am a very cheerful person, I like to be close to my friends, I do everything for being happy This is my last year in High School, when I finish it, I will study a little bit more, and I will do some Contest to get a good profession, and I like so much practice sports, every day I run 1 hour per day, in Tuesday and Thursday, I do Swimming, in Monday and Wednesday I do Judo… and the goods deeds project is very interesting project, I think we can make new friends with we ideas, and this is a good opportunity to try do practice our English… 😎

Hello everybody, my name is Almir Filipe, I was born in Taguatinga – DF – Brazil, on May, second, in 1989, I live near Brasilia (capital city of Brazil), with my parents who are the most important thing in my life after God. Well, in this project, I expect to know many different people and their culture, discover how they live and how is life in their countries. I love making new friends and talking to them about everything. I wish to be a doctor, to help the people who need my services. I am studding very, very much doing my best in order to become an excellent doctor. I have studied English for five years, and I want to study another foreign language, because I want, as I said, talk with others people and know their culture. I want travel for many countries and know better this fantastic world and discover each one of its secrets.”
Bye-Bye and nice to meet you! Almir Filipe Veloso Coelho Alves – CILT – I4 Class 070. 🙂 :goofy: :sillygrin: :ooh:

Hi Micheal, how are you? Well, my name is Almir Filipe, I´m 18 years old. To me Brazil is the better country, I would like to know different place, of course, but Brazil is only. Here the beaches are incredible, and the sun is very good, have many place to hang out, we have wonderful places for you know. If you, one day, visit Brazil you goes want live here. So, if you have any questions more, I will answer you! Bye bye and nice to meet you! Almir Filipe Veloso Coelho Alves – CILT – I4 Class 070. :sillygrin: :goofy: :ooh: 😀 🙂

Hi Kayla, how are you? Well, my name is Almir Filipe, I´m from Brazil, I’m eighteen years old. Then, my favorite sport is volleyball, my favorite food is pizza, I like orkut site and my favorite TV program is “Lances da vida”, a north-American program, I don’t know how say in English. My favorite subject is Anatomy. Ah I didn’t say, I’m at the university, I’m studying medicine. I loved your beach, I want to know. I advised you, some day, come here to Brazil, to know our beaches! Where I live aren’t beaches but, I advised you goes to Fortaleza-CE, to me are the best beaches! By the way, there are many different places here that are very beautiful. There are wonderful places for you know. So, I wait to know you more, and I wait, someday, can visit your country and your city! Bye bye and nice to meet you! Almir Filipe Veloso Coelho Alves – CILT I4 Class 070. 🙂 😀 :ooh: :sheepish: :pbpt: :sillygrin: :goofy

Hello Frank, Paul and Saulo. My name is Almir Filipe, I´m eighteen years old, I´m from Brazil, my favorite subject is anatomy, my favorite sport is volleyball and my favorite color is blue. I love goes to the beach and go out with my friends. What more about you? What are the places that you go? What do you like more in your country? What are your favorite food? And music? Tell me more about you and your country! What places that you advice me to go? Bye bye and nice to meet you! Almir Filipe Veloso Coelho Alves – CILT – I4 Class 070. 🙂 😀 :ooh: :sheepish: :pbpt: :sillygrin: :goofy:

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