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Examples of Good Deeds from Oman

Hello all,

We really liked this topic and I would like to share some of my students work. It is a chance for you to know about us and about Oman.

The first activity students did was planting a tree as you see in this picture.

An example of good deeds is when […]

Cleaning the Beach in Oman

On Tuesday 12 January the teacher collected us to tell us that we will go to a voluntary campaign tomorrow at Harmol beach a town near our school almumina. First, we hesitated but when we thought about that we are […]

Quran Project in Ruqayah School

Hello everyone,

On 30/1/2010 we started anew project in our school which is “Quran forum”. In this course we as students , are taught by a teacher about how to read the Holy Quran properly . there were 30 girls in the project . I fell great after joining this course . the teacher said […]

Washing Lab coates

My friends and i decided to do somthing good for our science labs.

we took lpcoats and washed them at our houses. this will make encouragement for other students to do the same.

These are some pictures..

Asmaa AL-Kasbi Ruqayah School


Hand in Hand for Our School

Here I am from Ruqaya School, sharing with you our latest events regarding the project Good Deeds. on Jan. 26, 2010 we decided to unify our efforts for the sake of our school. our SS gathered and cleaned the school yeard along with organizing the halls and classes.

Asma Al-KasbiAsma Al-BaloushiFatma Al-HajriHanaa AL-Hajri

Ruqaya […]

Helping the Poor Cleaners – Oman

It is winter now and the weather is cold, therefore, we decided to help the poor workers and cleaners in the school who always come from the early morning to work and clean the school. The students asked to buy gloves for them or make them a cup of tea to keep warm. So, next […]