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More Good Deeds from Oman & GD Cards

Dear all,

In this topic, Teacher Faiza and me Teacher Marwah will post all our students’ work here.

We started the second meeting for our students in which we distributed some work to each student to do but they can all do it together too. We asked about their ideas and they came with wonderful and great ideas of good deeds. They seem that they understood the project well.

As we are going to do some work inside and outside the school, other teachers and families should know who we are (students + teachers), therefore, we designed cards for our students to wear whenever they do good deeds and whenever we go to do good deeds.

Here are some photos of the meeting and the cards we distributed among the students of iEARN.

More photos and work will be posted here in this topic. I will update it always.

Hope you like them.


T.Marwah AL-Rawahi T.Faiza AL-Tobi Al-Ajyal A’Saeeda School


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