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Ways to Help Others at School

Hi! I am Iqra from IEARN Pakistan. I keep on helping others at my school. I hope my teachers in making the results, the weak students in their studies, and the sad people to smile again. 🙂

Iqra Zafar

iEARN Pakistan

Help Others – Ali’s & The Sea

Once upon a time there was a boy named Ali lived in a small village.. he was very honest and responsible. People of his village love him so much.

Korangi Academy Good Deeds

One day he went on sea side for a picnic with his family as he can swim very well he got […]

Help Others – The Old Lady

One day I was going to school, I saw an old lady on the road who was trying to cross the road, but due to heavy traffic, she was unable to cross the road. She was holding a heavy bag on her shoulders. She was a very feeble lady. When I saw the lady I […]

Don’t Listen to Rumors!

Don’t Listen to Rumors! Once upon a time there was a village whose name was Abad. The village was famous due to the cruelty of the people. People say that the villagers always quarrel with each other and used to abuse. With such kind of rumors no body intend to go to the village. When […]

Affections from SMS Aga Khan School

Unity, love and affection is a symbol of peace No sorrow, no worries and no tease Peace makes the world a worth living place on the earth Peace brings end to battles as there will be no hassles No wars, no strikes and no more crimes No weapons, no violence and lots of silence Peace […]

A good deed by the students of Fatimiyah School

Dear Friends,

Recently we all have celebrated GYSD in Cario. As a part of Service Learning and Community Service activities, Fatimiyah School in Karachi donated books and some money to a school in an underprevilaged area.The students in that school were in a need to a library. The students went there to set up the […]

More from Grammar School Rawalpindi

We should all do good deeds to others and with parents.

• When someone is in difficulty, we should help him like: • If some old men cannot cross the road, we should help him cross it. • If a poor man wants money, we should give it to him. • If any animal […]

Good Deeds from Grammar School Rawalpindi

These contributions are by the children of Grade VI, Grammar School RawalpindiChaklala Branch.

A good deedIs the best deedAnd those who do this deedAre like beautiful beadsThey fulfill the human needsThey feed the human beingsAnd look after the people in needThey are always ready to leadThey seek Allah Almighty’s guidanceIn prostration when they kneelThey never […]