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Help Others – The Old Lady

One day I was going to school, I saw an old lady on the road who was trying to cross the road, but due to heavy traffic, she was unable to cross the road. She was holding a heavy bag on her shoulders. She was a very feeble lady. When I saw the lady I decided to help her to cross the road.

Korangi Academy Good Deeds

Korangi Academy Good Deeds

I reached to her and ask her if I could hold her bag on my shoulder, then I hold the old lady’s hand and reached to the other side of the road with her. She offered me 5 Rs. as a reward, but I respectfully refused to take it. She prayed for me. After this when I reached school I was late. I was given punishment but when I told y teacher about the morning story she pat on my back and allow me to go to my class. I was very happy to help others.

Teacher: Hina Iftikhar
Class V Korangi Academy

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