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Help Others – Ali’s & The Sea

Once upon a time there was a boy named Ali lived in a small village.. he was very honest and responsible. People of his village love him so much.

Korangi Academy Good Deeds

Korangi Academy Good Deeds

One day he went on sea side for a picnic with his family as he can swim very well he got the permission from his parents to swim in the sea and start enjoying. Suddenly he saw a man who was about to drown in water. Ali saw him and he swam faster to save the man’s life. The drowning man was crying for help.

Then Ali helped the man and saved his life. The man was thankful to Ali and asked Ali what things he want? But Ali refused for any reward and go back with his parents.

Noor Ankus
Teacher: Hina Iftikhar
Class V Korangi Academy

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