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Help Others and They will Help You Too

Once upon a time there was a young boy whose name was Sabir. He lived in a small village near a forest. One day he went to the forest to find some fruits. When Sabir climbed on the tree there was a little monkey. His leg was injured very badly. Sabir keep the monkey in his basket and came back to home. He was very much worried about the monkey. He put some medicine on the monkey’s leg. After one day the monkey felt better and started walking slowly. Sabir took the monkey back to the forest. Monkey thanked him so much.

After a long time when Sabir was going to the school which was in the city nearby he lost his purse full of money in the forest. He tried so hard to find it but was unable to find his purse with that money with which he had to buy books and necessary things he need for examination. He was so disappointed and sat under a tree. Suddenly he saw that same monkey was coming towards him and he has Sabir’s purse in his hand. Monkey gave the purse to Sabir and climbed back on the tree.

See friends, once Sabir took pity on the monkey and in return monkey also helped Sabir in time of need.

Ebad Khan
Class V

Korangi Academy

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