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Hello from Belarus: A Teenager Problem

Now there are many teenagers that have bad habits such as alcoholism, drugs, and smoking.
My elder brother began to contact with teenagers from unfavorable families. Then he started to smoke and drink alcohol. He got to militia many times. He wanted to enter the University but he failed. He stole money from our mother in order to buy alcohol. Once he didn’t appear at home for a few days.

When I knew about it I tried to help him. I told him that it would spoil his life that he would never find a friend, that he should do something to change himself. But he didn’t even listen to me.

Once I took him to the party where were many interesting people, who liked poetry. My brother is a very interesting and clever person but he was taken into a bad company. He was involved in the discussion of books, films and poetry and it was interesting for him. I took him to my company every day , we went to the cinema, to the theatre as often as possible. Soon he understood that life is wonderful without drugs and alcohol. He agreed to go to hospital.
He graduated from University. Now he is very happy.

Victoria Zemba
11th form

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