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A Unique Person

This is Inas 🙂
I want to tell you about the person who does good deeds for me again and again without complain . Nothing forces her to do some thing like that for me .
I hurt her feelings , I made many big mistakes for her , although I made all those mistakes , she didn’t hurt me or leave me alone , she tried again and again to put me on the right way.

She didn’t hate me. She still loves me and does the best for me till now …. In addition to that she always forgives me about every thing.

Do you want to know who she is?
She is my MOTHER.
Mother is the only one in the world who loves you for infinity , and does good deeds for you with out waiting for you to pay her back!
I haven’t found other people who does good deeds for me like her ….

with my love to all mothers in the world and especially mine..:)

Inas Qawiqji

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