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Short Poems/ Haiku From Indonesia

Dwiki Prayuda XI IPA 8 – SMA Negeri 1 Bogor, IndonesiaSmile,



Are simple good things to do.

Filmantoro XI IPA 8 – SMA Negeri 1 Bogor, IndonesiaThe honesty is a good deed

Make it a part of our life

To make it better. Oki Fahmi Dian XI IPA 8 – SMA Negeri […]

My Friend Fahmi

Hi, Guys! I’m Galuh Nisa. I’m student from Senior High School 1, Bogor, Indonesia. Let me tell you about one true story that happened in my life. And this story really changed my mind, which before was too underestimate the power of support and spirit. Now, check this out!

When I was in Junior […]

The Crowded Bus

Assalamualaikum,wr.wb . . Hi. . . My name is Astri Wiraswany. I am Indonesian. I study at senior high of one Bogor (SMAN 1 Bogor). Let me tell you my good deeds.

Once upon a time, I went to school later than before. At that time, I went to school at 06.00. That’s later […]

My Two Little Swans

One day, my swan had seven eggs. I was really surprised for it. It was the first time my swan laid eggs since they arrived here. I waited and waited. After two months, two of seven eggs became a swan. I was so glad to see them. So I gave those two little swans names, […]

My Angry Teacher

My name is Stefanus Jagad, and I study at Senior High School 1 Bogor, Indonesia. I had an experience which I want to share. I had a very mean teacher in my junior high school.A lot of students regarded her as a “killer” teacher and they were afraid of her. She taught me in the […]

Good Deeds in Indonesia

“One of IEARN’s projects “GOOD DEEDS” attracts my interest. There are so many little things we can do and they can be regarded as good deeds. I can inform my students about this. “GOOD DEEDS” are around us, even at school. Keeping everything clean, throwing rubbish or even used candies plastics into dustbin are among […]

Indonesia: My Brother and I

A good deed is like a train. Once you do it, the other will follow…

My name is Bella. I live in Bogor and the student of 12th grade Senior High School 1 Bogor. I would share a good deed that I had experienced, so simple but it built a […]

Indonesia: Simple Good Deed in the Bus

My name is Indhie Hanifah and I live in Serpong, but I study in Senior High School 1 Bogor. One day, I wanted to go to Bogor by bus. I was sitting in the bus when the old lady got into the bus and stood beside me. She looked tired, so I gave my seat […]