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My Friend Fahmi

Hi, Guys! I’m Galuh Nisa. I’m student from Senior High School 1, Bogor, Indonesia. Let me tell you about one true story that happened in my life. And this story really changed my mind, which before was too underestimate the power of support and spirit. Now, check this out!

When I was in Junior High School, at the last year, one of my schoolmates got a very seriously sick. His name is Fahmi. Based on the doctor’s diagnose, Fahmi got lupus. He was infected by this disease when he was in the second year. Slowly but sure, Lupus made his body weak. When we would face UAN (Ujian Akhir Nasional) – national examination to decide the students in Junior High School graduated or not, Fahmi collapsed. He had to take several treatments in hospital. Everyday, Fahmi’s condition got worse. He started to face kidney failure. He should have blood cleaning once a day. His foot got swell because the water in his body couldn’t get out. He seemed very pale and became very thin.

All of us thought that Fahmi wouldn’t survive. Although he could go through his sickness, he wouldn’t pass Junior High School exam because he couldn’t go to school and studied. But, Fahmi kept holding on. He did the homework and tasks, copied the n ote, and tried to keep up the lesson. Because of his amazing enthusiasm to struggle and followed UAN, all of his friends supported him. They told about funnies event in the school, cheered him up, taught him the lesson, etc. They always visited Fahmi after the school. All of that made Fahmi felt happy and strong. He ignored his sickness and just thought about UAN. In his mind, he just wanted to graduate from Junior High School. For six months, Fahmi had been hospitallized. And, surprisingly, Fahmi passed the UAN, and could enter the Senior High School, with good result.

That was my story, and as I said before, Fahmi’s life story could change my point of view and opened my mind. He and his friends showed me that although we had a very hard problem in our life, we must struggle and face it. We can’t run away. Because if we run away, the problem will follow us until we die. And, another lesson that I get is never underestimate the power of support. Support not only can make us happy and feel strong to survive, but also show us that we’re not alone. And finally support can open our mind, that many people in this world faced the same problem, even their problem sometimes worse than us.

Last but not least, I know Lupus will always be in Fahmi’s body, and he can’t have a normal life for a long time. But, I’m sure with the development of medical science, sooner or later it can be invented the medicine of Lupus and cured Fahmi.

Galu Nisa
XI Science 8, SMA Negeri 1 Bogor,


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