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Honesty Counts

My name Siti Haifa. I’m from Senior High School 1 Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. I want to tell you about my experience.

Someday I went to go to Gramedia Book Store for buying some books. But, the books which I searched for couldn’t be found. So, I just read some books there and went back home using public bus. Along the way, a little street singer entered the bus. He sang with heart. After singing, he asked for some money to all passengers. I felt so pity on him; I wanted to give more money to him, but small money I had only five hundred rupiahs. Although I only gave him Rp500.00, I hoped it could be useful for him. Then, he got out of the bus, and the bus moved again. After that, I got off at Departement Store, because I wanted to buy a present for my friend. I bought some books and letter. Then, I went home.

At home, I checked the bill. Actually, the book with the price Rp 5000,00,- has not paid yet by me because it was not counted by the cashier. My god ! I felt that book was not legal for me, I couldn’t use that book, but I thought maybe it was a response from Allah because I gave money to a little street singer in the bus. If that was true, the response was ten doubled. Subhanallah, but I still feel worried, although it wasn’t caused by me, but I should have paid that book. Cause I wouldn’t use illegal goods.

Lastly, someday I returned back to the book store and paid that book. Ffuhh,, I felt relieved because that book was legal for me then, and I could use it.

The message I could get from my experience was that we could spend our money (even in a bit number) for goodness; God surely would give us double in return. If not, it would be paid in the after life later. I hope all people in the world would share their money with poor people, because the money we got was not completely ours, some of them belonged to the poor.

XI Science 8, SMA Negeri 1 Bogor, Indonesia

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