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The Crowded Bus

Assalamualaikum,wr.wb . . Hi. . . My name is Astri Wiraswany. I am Indonesian. I study at senior high of one Bogor (SMAN 1 Bogor). Let me tell you my good deeds.

Once upon a time, I went to school later than before. At that time, I went to school at 06.00. That’s later fifteen minutes than before. I usually went to school at 05.45. I usually took a small public car to school but my mother asked me to take a bus. She said that it was faster than a public car. Then I obeyed her.

The bus was very crowded,that I didn’t get a chair to sit. Standing in a bus made my foot painful. Then, passengers got off one by one. Finally, I got a chair for sitting. I sat while reading the lesson book, because there was an exam. Then, I was wondering if I came late or not to school.

After ten minutes, there was a woman with her baby took the same bus with me. There was no empty chair, meanwhile her baby didn’t stop his crying. And I saw them mercily. Then I got up from my chair and asked the woman to sit on the chair. She thanked and gave a smile to me. Then I smiled at her too.

Although my foot felt painful but I felt happy to help them. I remembered my mother. My painful foot was nothing than the struggle of that woman and my mother for giving their child a birth and brought them up patiently.

Astri Wiraswani
XI Science 8, SMA Negeri 1 Bogor,

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