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My Two Little Swans

One day, my swan had seven eggs. I was really surprised for it. It was the first time my swan laid eggs since they arrived here. I waited and waited. After two months, two of seven eggs became a swan. I was so glad to see them. So I gave those two little swans names, Phill and Paul. As you could think, I hardly remembered which one was Phill or Paul. But it didn’t matter. I always gave them a half plate of rice and a pail of fresh water all day. They were my pity.

Several days after that, when I got home from the school, I could not find either Phill or Paul. I thought they hided in shrubs, but they weren’t there. So I gave up, but I really wanted to know where they were at that time. When I checked one more time, I was really surprised. I found Paul in the pond. He drowned until his neck. I took him to the ground. He looked weak and brittle. When I looked at pond again, I was surprised again. Phill was drowning all of his body. I knew he would not be able to be sa ved. His body was freezinge like an ice. I was so sad. So my brother buried Phill near a jackfruit tree. I could not stand to see it. It was so sadden.

Firstly, Paul was really weak. After several months, Paul could live with another swan. When I checked him with his mother, I made a mistake. She was a female! So I changed her name became Pauline. She was a beautiful swan, like her mother, Will, brightly white swan. Although I just had one a new swan, but I really thanked to God. I hoped Phill’s soul could be accepted in-His side. Amen.

Hafsah Salamah
XI Science 8

Senior High School 1 Bogor,

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