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My Angry Teacher

My name is Stefanus Jagad, and I study at Senior High School 1 Bogor, Indonesia. I had an experience which I want to share. I had a very mean teacher in my junior high school.A lot of students regarded her as a “killer” teacher and they were afraid of her. She taught me in the 9th grade. Actually, I hoped I could get another teacher when I realized she would teach me for a year. But there was no other choice instead of facing it. She was about 60 years old.

She was very mean and she was always angry when she came to my class. She didn’t care we did the right or wrong things. No matter what, everything was false in her eyes. Some students didn’t like her, neither did I. But it changed one day.

It was Valentine’s Day and my school celebrated the lovely day. I got a lot of chocolates from my friends. After the school ended, I was planning to go to the canteen to meet my friends. On my way there, I saw my “mean” teacher walked alone. I didn’t remember wh at I was thinking that time, but I called and greeted her spontaneously. After a short conversation I gave her one of my chocolate. I said “Happy Valentine Ma’am,” and what a surprise! She gave me the most beautiful smile that I’d never seen from her before. Her face changed and she looked younger a lot of years. I was so happy to see her. And after that day, she became better and better. She often smiled and she was seldom angry at us. I thanked God because of a chocolate, I could change a person.

Stefanus Jagad XI Science 8,
SMA Negeri 1 Bogor,

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