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More Good Deeds from Bahrain

As a student who worked in “Good deeds” I will take this opportunity to briefly outline my experience during my two year tenure at “Good deeds, as I think that this project helps to spread the spirit of giving and sharing between all kinds of people.

Our main goal was helping sick and disabled children by providing them with our continuous support to free them from their sufferings. Firstly, we went to “Salmaniya medical complex“ and specifically to Pediatrics department, were we provided the children with many gifts planting joy in their small hearts and making us even happier in return.

Our second step was the charity day at school , we were divided into two groups , the first group was selling toys which were donated by our school students and the second group was to draw on students t-shirt , and the profit was given to those inflicted with down syndrome. However, we did many good deeds in our school including planting our school garden and other community services that we achieved in different departments at school.

I believe that working in “good deeds “project was an eye opening experience and an amazing opportunity which made me realize how little deeds we do ..

Zainab Abdulhameed
Khawla Secondary School

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