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Re: The Truth About SMOKING

Hi the way that I feel about smocking is yuck it is a very harmful and can do great damage it is very hard to quit and you lose out on a lot of thing. For people who live with you and do not smoke it is really gross and stinks and they have a high risk of smoking when they get older. So you should not smoke and talk to your kids about smoking so hopefully they will not smoke either. If you show them what it dose to your lungs and hopefully they will not smoke.

Kasandra lusignan
Milton Vermont
grade 6
milton elementary school.

3 comments to Re: The Truth About SMOKING

  • Anonymous

    Hi i myself live with a person who smokes and wish that they would give it up. Smoking is not good for u and i hate knowing that it could kill them and i might never see them again. I would be devistated to comew home and find out one of my loved ones was dead due to smoking. i have learned that smoking is bad due to the fact that my parents both smoke. I have inhailed it my whole life and am sick of it. My dad has quite but my mom refuses to. It is discusting.

  • Quitter

    Having been brought up with a competitive up bringing, I was told never to quit! However quitting smoking has been the most difficult challenge in my life. It was more difficult that lifting the extra 5kg weight or running the extra mile. Now that I’ve been clean for 3 years, I definitely feel like a different person and feel 10 years younger!

  • Free to Quit

    I have found something that works GREAT to help quite smoking…
    i am so glad it worked for me, maybe it can for you if you have perseverance.

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