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Good deeds go a long way!!!

Everyday something good happens to you. Whether you know it or not that good deed which was done to you was a result of someone receiving a good deed from someone else. We shouldn’t expect people to do things for us because we do good things for them, but we should know that because we are doing good for the world that the world through the different people, organizations, and groups will provide unseeable good deeds that will affect our lives. Feeding the homeless can help someone gain the motivation to go out and apply for a job which in turn lowers the unemployment rates, which opens the door for more businesses to start, which help people across the country get a job, which continues to stimulate the local economy, which helps the larger economy, which strengthens the globally economy, which keeps the computer companies from going under and we are able to continue using things like IEarn, which in turn made my day better by knowing that there are some people in the wor ld that cares besides me. 😎 just a thought..

Antwon Willis

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