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GSU Service Learning

My service learning experience was a great one. I got an opportunity to tutor a highschool student from the Sudan called Sam. This program affiliated with the Pan Asian Community Center in Georgia USA. This particular program offers many services including tutoring refugee students from all around the world. I helped Sam with his Social Studies and Language Arts homework. In his social studies homework he had to write out the 28 amendments in the U.S. Constitution and draw a picture for each amendment. I was really trying to understand why he had to draw a picture for each amendment. But Sam handled it quite well. In his Language Arts homework, Sam had to read an exert from the play Romeo and Juliet and write a paragraph explaining that exert. This proved to be a little difficult for Sam but with my help and reading the exert line by line, Sam was able to complete this assignment as well. Overall, I had a great time in being able to tutor and I plan on continuing unt il the end of the semester.

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