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Pins can change ones life!

“One day , there was a young boy of 7 years old. He used to do hundred of foolish things every day. When his father was hopeless to convince him to stop those things ;he came to his son with a box of small wall pins, pointed to a wall in the boy’s room and told him to put a pin in the wall whenever he does something wrong. The boy loved that wall because it was colored with his favorite color .The boy started to put a pin in the wall whenever he does something wrong until the wall was filled with pins and he couldn’t see the color he likes anymore .He became sad, went to his father and asked for his permission to remove the pins to see the color he likes again. His father told him that every time he stops doing something wrong he can take out a pin from the wall .Day after day, the boy started to stop the bad habits in order to remove to remove the pins and see the color he likes again .After a lot of effort, the boy stopped all bad habits and removed all the pins. He thoug ht that by removing the pins he could see the color again, but….but when he removed the pins, he was shocked to find the wall weak and destroyed. It was never the same again and he realized that he could never bring the old view and he had destroyed it with his own hands.”


Mariam Ahmed.

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