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Good Deeds 2010

My Good Deed is when I do the laundry! I actually like to do the laundry! I think it’s kind of fun. The only thing I don’t like about it is when I get detergent on my hands. I do the laundry because my parents need some help arond the house sometimes! :grin:
-Evalyn Black
My good deed was that I helped out at a 100 mile race in the trails. What I did there was when the runner came to an aid station I would get them whatever they needed, for example I would get them water,pretzels,Ramen Noodles,Gatorade, and more. I would also bring them new clothes to change into, so they would not have to waste their time looking for their clothes. I did this good deed, because not all runners have their own personal assistants, also I love knowing that I helped them finish the race.
My good deed is when i cleand my pool. My pool is an inground pool so it isent as hard to clean as to a above ground pool. When i clean my pool it normally takes me like 30 minutes. What i do is i take the pool vacume and just vacume the pool like you would vacume your house. Then when im done i jump in the pool.
One good deed I did this summer was when I helped my little brothers baseball team practice. They didn’t have all of their coaches so I thought I would help. I did soft toss to the players. Soft toss is where you stand a couple feet away from a batter and toss balls to them to hit. You usually hit the baseballs into a fence or wall to block them from going far.
My good deed was 2 summers ago, I helped build and decorate a home. There was a family with 5 kids and an ill mom and their house burned down. So over their property we built them a new house. They didnt know that they were building them a house so they were really surprised when they saw it. I went there with my mom to help redo all the rooms for the kids. It was great to see their faces when they saw the house.
My good deeds are the times ive helped out with my dog otis. I can help out by taking him on long walks, feeding him, and playing with him.
My good deed is when is babysit for my mom. I sometimes like to babysit but sometimes it can be HARD WORK. I have three little brothers and they can be very difficult to get along with but sometimes they are quiet and just watch T.v. I like to babysit even when it gets tough because i know I’m helping out my mom and she can not worry about the boys well shes at work. That is my good deed, babysitting for my mom.
-Kensie Black :cool:
My good deed that I did was actually kind of funny. I was at the mall with my friend, sister, and mom. We went into a store and looked around a little bit. I couldn’t find anything but my sister did and when she went to go pay we all went up with her. My friend and I saw a donation box to help out children or something. We had some loose change and put it right in, it didn’t matter who it went to. All that mattered is that we helped someone somewhere!
One Good Deed i did was help my mom with setting up a huge party for my niece
My good deed is when I helped out my mom teach tennis lessons to kids down the street. I really liked to help out I had a good time. I did it because I really enjoy helping out my mom with tennis.
My good deed was when me my brother and my older sister helped my dad mulch the yard. I knew that my dad needed some more help with the yard so i offered to help spread the mulch for him. I did this good deed because i know that my dad could use a little more help then he normally gets from us.
My good deed was when I mowed the lawn this summer. I always like to mow the lawn to help my mom and dad out. My yard not that big so it’s not that bad but it gives you a little work out because we have so many hills at my house. That’s one good deed I did over the summer.
my good deed is when i helped my grandma catch a animals eating her plants and she let them out in the wil.
My good deed is when i helped my mom garden. it was a hot day so i offered to help and she said sure. after we were done we siped some lemanaid.
This summer my grandma’s birthday was coming up and I really wanted to do something special for her birthday because she does so many nice things for me. First of all I made her a tripple Chocolate cake that read “Happy Birthday”,with a whole bunch of frosting flowers. Then I worked hard on making her a card. It was a colage of stickers. Next, as her gift, I bought her two mini, “I Love Lucy“, lunchboxes. One for her, and one she can give to a friend. My grandma was so happy, and I’m glad that she liked her present. This was one of the best good deeds I ever did.
My good deed is when I walked the dogs. I have two dogs so when one wants to go for a walk they both have to go for a walk.My dad was busy so he didnt have time to walk the dogs so I asked him if he wanted me to walk the dog and so I did.When we are walking they have to stop at every time they see a tree. It takes a long time to go around a street. And then they get all tangled up.But before I now it we are home.
I helped my mom get food from the store. First we got the food and payed for the food. Then we drove home. After that, we put the food away. She likes it when I help. :cool:
one of my good deeds this summer was when this ladie at the airport droped all her money in pennies and coins i picked it all up for he.
my good deed is when i helped my grandparents clean thier basement.because the are older they needed the help so i went over there and helped it only took about 1 hour though :smile:
My good deed was when I helped get food when my parents didn’t have any money.I didn’t have much but it was enough till they got paid. That was one of my good deeds. :smile:
One good deed that I did was when I watched my grama’s new puppy for a whole week! while she went to another state. It was really fun but sadly the little puppy was not potty trained! :sheepish:
One good deed that I did was when I watched my grama’s new puppy for a whole week! while she went to another state. It was really fun but sadly the little puppy was not potty trained! :sheepish:
Hello people. :sillygrin: Heres mine good deed. We were driving in the car. My dad told me I had to help him cut my grandpa’s grass. I was like WHAT? :asleep: My grandpa had like 4 acres of land. So we pulled up to his driveway. I said OK. So we got the tractors out and I started cutting grass. It took like 2 1/2 hours. I was so tired. We were about to leave when my grandpa called me over. He pulled out of his pocket money. I thought in my mind. !!!!! YES !!!!! He gave $40. Then I said goodbye, then I was happy.
My good deed was when I helped my grandpa categorize hazerdous chemicals. They where considered to be hazerdous but they were really just cleaners and paint and things like that. the most dangerous chemical was refrigerant, which is th liquid that keeps your refrigerator cold.
A good deed I do is mow my lawn for my dad so that he doesn’t have to mow it when he gets home from work or a buisness trip.
Danielh :sillygrin:
My Good deed my family did was we let one family member stay at our house because he had a job here but his family lived in another state. It was fun because it was like having a another dad in the house. :smile: He lived with us for about a year. But then he found a job in a different state and his and his family moved there. It was sad for us because it was like seeing your other dad leave. :frown: But I feel better now because now he can be with his family. :sillygrin: What a happy moment!
My good deed was when I suprise mowed the lawn for my parents. They were going to be late to a party they invited alot of people to and they forgot to mow their lawn. When my grampa came over to watch us I asked him if I could and he let me. It took me a couple of hours but I finally got done and they loved it. :smile:
One of my good deeds is i helped my dad fix his motorcycle.The kind of motorcycle he has is a V Max.We put a new battery in it.It was a good bonding time.
A good deed I have done was when my family and I got back from Florida at the airport.we were getting our luggage from the airplane and walking out of the airport when an elder asked me for some help. i said what do you need help with? And she left her bag at the bathrooms so i got it for her and we left. :wink:
My good deed is when I helped my three little sisters get lunch when my mom was busy doing other things.
My good deed was when I was in a car one day and I saw a car crash but the owners were hurt. So my family and I took the dog home and took care of it. The owners are well now and they took the dog back a couple weeks ago. :smile:
One good deed that I did was I kept score for my sisters softball team so thtat the coaches didn’t have to.
A good deed i did was when i helped my grandma. I go to her house to help her often.
My good deed was that when I needed to raise money for my baseball team I washed several cars.
My good deed was that i watched my nabours dog when they had to go somewhere he couldnt. It was fun i played with the dog and feed it and let him out then i would give him a treat and so i would have to give the cat one too. Most of all it helped are nabours and was very fun. Breanna
My Good Deed was that I was at Target looking for backpacks when a worker at Target came out of the back of the store with some boxes. He turned a corner too short and his boxes full of salad dressing fell all over the floor. So I went over and put some of the salad dressings back in to his boxes for him. It felt good to help someone like that. Then he said Thank you and told me that was very nice of me. And that was one of my good deeds opver the summer. :cool:
My good deed is about the time that we found a dog in our backyard. She had a collar on, but no name tag. We used our dog’s leash and took her around the neighborhood to see if anyone owned the dog. We gave her food and water when it was time to came home to lunch. After that, we went out again. We found the dog’s home and they told they were very grateful. They invited us to diner! :smile: To this day my dog (Paisley) and the other dog (Bella) still play together!
A good deed i did was i helped my father when he was on cruthches.The reason he was on cruthches was the tendon in his foot werent working propurly. So they took tendons out of his other foot to replace the tendons that didnt work.
My good deed was when i leant my friend’s little brother money at the Medina Lady Bees Soccer Game. We were standing in line and he wanted to buy a blue slush puppy but he only had a dollar left. he begged his sister for 50 cents but she didnt have 50 cents. They were next in line so I gave him my 50 cents to buy a slushie. Later, my friend realized she had 50 cents left so she gave it to me to pay me back from the money I gave her brother. I told her thank you for paying me back.That was this summer’s good deed.
My good deed was helping my grandma after she broke her rib and wrist. she was in a lot a pain after it happened….. but a couple days later she felt better. I helped make cookies one day…. so I had to help her put them in the oven because it was hard for her to bend down. I’m probably going to go see her again soon…. so I might make some cookies again and draw her a picture to make her feel better. :grin:
A good deed that I have done is I helped a dog out of the street. when i went outside to play one day I saw a litttle puppy in the street so I looked around to see if there was and owner but no one was near. So I went to look if the puppy had a collar and it did so i got it out of the street and went to go find the owner. I felt so proud when I saw the face of the little girl I returned it to. So thats why i think every one should do good deeds.
my good deed was giving swim lessons to littler kids. it wasnt the easyest thing to do but they loved it. Hannah
My good deed was when my friend ciara and I made a lemonade stand to raise money for a family whose house burned down. It was in the summer of 4th grade going into 5th grade. We heard that the firstmerit bank was collecting money for this family and we wanted to make a donation. So we made a lemonade stand and ended up raising about $200. It felt really good to help them. -Michelle
my good deed was when my friend and I got my other friends dog out of the street for her before the dog got hit by a car. After we got the dog out of the street we gave my friend her dog back and she was sooo happy we got her dog before it got hit by a car or got lost. That was my good deed!
A good deed of mine would be helping my sisters with their homework. If nno one else understands it, I “come to the rescue” :pbpt: and help them. Although I mostly confuse them, in the end I get it done right. So that would be my good deed.
One of my good deeds is one day when i was in school i help a teacher
put supplies away. She didn”t ask to help but she looked like she needed it. Some things she and i put away were boxs, binders, papers, and pens/pensils.after we were done she thanked me and gave me some yummy candy. The candy was chocolate. :pbpt: :smile: :cool:
kelsey yellow
Teacher: Terese Tye
Medina City School District

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