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Good Deeds 2010 – part 2

One good deed I have done was clean my room. It was considered a good deed because first of all the room was messy and dirty. Also my mom told me too. Right now it is clean and when it gets dirty again I will probably clean it again. That is a good deed I have done.

One of my good deeds was when i helped my grandma with dishes.
One night my grandma was home from work and she was so tired. So i decided to do the dishes for her. So when she was asleep i did the dishes. By the time she woke up i hade them done already. so that is one of my good deeds i did. :grin: Gabrielle

A good deed i have dodne was when my dad had a lot of yard work to do. He had to malch our flower beds, cut the grass, plant new flowers, and water the grass. Thats a lot for just one man. So, i decided to help my dad by cutting the grass for him. Cutting the grass is hard for me cause im not very big but, my dad really enjoyed the help and that made the work seem easier. Next time my dad needs help ill be there for him.


A good deed I have done is I washed my dad’s new car(A Mazda 6)on a hot sunny day for free. I even polished the tires and the windows.
I did it because my dad was reading the newspaper and I wanted to be helpful. I feel happy that I cleaned my dad’s car because it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

One of my good deeds would be holding the door for an elder person.

a good deed i did was save two dogs. i was walking into shoe carnival (a shoe store) and i heard some yelping. so i went to go see where it was coming from. i traced the noise to a black van. it was 90 degrees that day. and it only take 3 minutes for a dog to die in a hot car. the temperture usually rises at least 20 degrees. so i called the medina police and they got them out of the car. :grin:

A good deed of mine is when i was playing football(rugby) and a player was injured and know one stopped to help him up. I stopped and helped him up.When the coach saw the player he rushed over and helped carry him.When we got to the sidelines they found out he had a concusion.After the game the coach thanked me for helping the player. So that was my good deed. :cool:

My good deed is when my sister got surgery and I helped her when she couldn’t move. The type of surgery she got was knee surgery. My sister had to get knee surgery because she was born with a knee defect. What makes this a good deed is that I gave her food and drinks because she couldn’t do it herself. That is my good deed.

A good deed that I have done was gave a poor man on the street that had 4 children and was laid off from working in the marines a dollar. He was really nice… :sillygrin:

One of my good deeds is when I helped my mom out alot because, she had a brocken ankle.


A good deed that I have done, was done for my sister. She was sick, she had a very high fever. None of my parents were home, so I took care of her until my mom got home. She felf much better :grin: .

One of my good deesd are when I walked outside and I saw a little baby bird that had fallen out of a tree. I fed it water and after a while its mother came back to get it.


My good deed was when I took care of my neighbors dogs while they were on vacation. Thier names are Cici and Wags. My neighbors also have cats. On one of the nights, the cats broke out while the dogs were outside. but eventually we got them back in the house. When my neighbors got home they thanked me and I felt good that they trusted me with their dogs. It was fun to take care of them and I sometimes still watch them from time to time :goofy:

My good deed is I helped my neighbor pull weeds. It was aro
und noon really hot and sunny. and I went outside and saw my neighbor. I saw he needed some help so I pulled his weeds. With a return of cash. That was my good deed.


My good deed was when i took a 7 hour baby sitting class. where i learned how to do CPR and the himlick menovour and also how to change a diaper and many many more things…it is a good deed becasue i can help out all the parents who want a little alone, or away time from there children. That’s when i come in. and that is why that’s my good deed.

My good deed is I help my dad wash his car (Corvet Z7 red) a couple of days ago and it was really hot out :frown: :sillygrin: and I did it just because I was bord. It was really fun cause I ketp on sparying my dad with the water.


A good deed I have done is opening doors for strangers, my family, and friends. I usually open doors for senior citizens. I open doors for people at restoraunts, hotels, banks, really anywhere I have the chance. It is nice because you let them keep walking through and not waste more energy.

One of my good deeds was when I helped a women get her ten dollars back. She dropped her ten dollars right in front of me in a pizza place. I picked the ten dollars right back up and asked her if it was her as she was searching her purse. I gave it back to her. She gave me a hug and said I was a good kid. She got her pizza and we got ours and the rest of the day I was really happy.

ahhh my first good deed. well i helped my grandpa threw his treatment on last wensday. it was fun. i made him laugh when it came to the painful parts. he had kind of a allergic reaction to one of his shots. his tounge got really big! :worried: he was mumbling like blah blah blah trying to talk but he couldnt talk but it was funny. but at the end it turnned out all good. :sillygrin: he was happy and i was happy too. we went to a restraunt after. it was appelbees. he got a hotdog and fries and so did i that was one of the best good deeds ive ever done it made me feel so happy


one good deed i did was i found a stay dog walking down our street and so we took it in. we thought it was only going to be a day that we had him but it quickly turned into a week. we called every shelter in medina seeing if anyone had called in a lost dog and no one had. and finally we found the one shelter that had someone call and we returned the dog safely to its owner.

One good deed of mine was when my friend Dominic was messing up one of our football team. Football is a sport like rugby.My friend plays on defensive line and i helped him on a play.


A good deed of mine is when my PSR class, it is like a church group that meets weekly to talk as teens/kids about what is happening in church. Anyways, one of the weeks we decided to go up to the Medina Hospice Inn to serve ice-cream to the senior citizens there after they ate dinner for about an hour or two this year. I think they really appreciated us comeing there from our free time to spend time with them and let them have a treat every once and a while.

A good deed I have done is when I helped my great grandma stand up.
She was sitting in her favorite chair and she needed help getting out of it. I responded right away. She lifted and so did I. My mom got her walker next to her chair. I helped her Grab on tightly so she was able to walk. :wink:

My good deed was when I helped my mom get to the hospital. She had to go to the hospital because she was riding her baby horse”Molly!” and Molly fell on my moms hip. So I helped by calling my dad to pick us up because my mom coudn’t walk and if she can’t walk she can’t drive. But the good news is that she’s recovering good.And that was my good deed! :sheepish:

One good deed that I have done is help my friend open his school locker. I know it’s not much but if I didn’t open it for him he would not have been able to get to class. :frown: Once i opened it for him he rewarded me with a lollipop, a cherry one just in case you wanted to know. Well this is my good deed and i hope you have done good deeds too.


My good deed was when I donated some of my clothes. I did this because they were too small but nice at the same time. It also emptied out a couple of my drawers!


My good deed was when we were driving to a store and we saw a dog run across the road. so we picked it up and it had a tag on it saying where its owner lived. So we searched everywhere and finally found its home.


Out of all the good deeds that I have done in my live just one is the one that sticks out the most. It was a hot day and I was at my sisters soccor game. I noticed a bunch af kids playing a game. I also noticed there was a kid who wasn’t included at all. So I figured that I would go and see if I could get the other kids to play with him. Well, it worked, I told them they should include everybody and they then decided to let the other kid who wasn’t playing play. The best part of that good deed was seeing the smile on all of their faces. :smile: Alex

One good deed that I did was over the summer. I was at a music camp at Baldwin Wallace College in Berea, Ohio. One day, during lunch, my friend and I noticed one of the other campers was sitting all by himself, and looked like he was lonely. So my friend and I went over to where he was sitting, sat down next to him, and struck up a conversation. The camper’s name was Duncan, and he was really nice! I’m glad that my friend and I sat by him, because it seemed that he didn’t have any friends there.


Okay, here is my good deed. I was just sitting in my living room when all of the sudden my mom came in carrying a ton of groceries. She did not ask me to help, I just decided to go out and pick up a few things. It took five or ten minutes to finish. Once it was finished my mom said thank you. Then we went in and had dinner.


My good deed was when my sister was having trouble with her math homework. She was only in first grade and they were doing multiplication, and she didn’t understand what the teacher had explained. So I showed her how to do it without telling her the answers. She did it herself and got 100%! That is my good deed.

A few moths ago, when a hurricane struck Haiti, they got really poor. The country was already poor enough and everyone there was suffering. So, people from America and other countries started giving money to Haiti. We gave money too. It was terrible to see the pictures of the suffering people there. My family sent some money to Haiti after the hurricane. I felt really good about it afterwards.


My good deed started on the bus. on the first day of school all the sixth graders were lookin scared(well the ones sitting by me) and i decided to start a conversation with one. well, they all started making conversations and i made some new friends :sillygrin:

My good deed that i did was babysit for my nieghbor. She had to go to work but her babysiter never showed so i volunteered. The little boy was 2 years old and i play with him alot so it was fun.

One good deed I did was I helped my grandpa in his garden. My grandpa was picking cucumbers and peppers from his garden and so I went over and I held the bag open for him and he was really glad I helped him because he got done a lot faster.

my good deed was when i lend my friend a dollar. we were at mcdonalds and he neede one dollar.. to be continued, nicholas

My good deed was when i mowed the lawn for my grandpa because he had knee surgery. I did it to help them out because he couldnt do it him self. And i ended up doing it for him once a week till he could do it himself. And that is my good deed i did over the summer.

One of my good deeds was when i watched and took care of my neighbors dogs while they went on vacation. I took their dogs on walks a couple times a day, i also fed them and made sure they always had water! They were on vacation for a week and i watched them the whole time. After, they paid me and i felt really good

my good deed was i found a stray dog. when me and my mom were driving to meet the rest of my family we saw a dog in the middle of the street. we stoped and opened the car door and the dog jumped in. when i the dog was in the car she started waging her tail and was very friendly i looked at her collar and it said sassy and her adress so i told my mom and she drove to the persons house when we got there the lady was outside looking for sassy when we brought the dog out the lady was so happy ….. to be continued


My good deed that I have done is cleaning my hamster’s cage. my hamster’s cage gets really dirty…. really fast. That’s ok though, because I like putting my hamster in the excercize ball while I am cleaning the cage. I love to see her run around and get excercize. When I clean the cage, I have to take out all of it’s old bedding and the hamster’s wheel and food bowl. I love rearranging the stuff back onto the cage when I am done. In the end, it’s all worth being clean!


my good deed is when I went to the bus stop to get my brother . it took an hour and 20 minutes. we thought it come at 330 but it came at 420.
One good deed that I did, was for my little sister, Paige. She was riding her scooter and hit a bump and fell, and started to cry. When I got to her I helped her, and then I saw all of the cuts on her knees and her arm. I helped her inside and washed all the blood.So i can see how big they were, and then i put band aids on them and she went back outside to ride her scooter.
My Good Deed is when i help a lost beagle find a home.
One day I was in my garage and I noticed a stray dog that was inside of my garage. At first I was really surprised that this random dog was in my garage. So I gently went over to the dog and noticed it had a collar. So as I was checking the collar I noticed it had a dog tag. So I read it and it had a phone number on it and I called them and they came to pick up the dog.
One of the good deeds I did over the summer, was when I bought my mother flowers. I love surprising her, so I went to the store with my friend and bought her beautiful flowers. There were all sorts of colors, pink, purple with white stripes, orange with white stripes, and yellow. When I gave them to her she was really happy and thanked me. Then she asked me to put them in a vase so they would not die. So after I put them in a vase we put them on top of our cupboard so we could look at them in the kitchen.
One good deed I did was I planted a vegetable garden for my family. In my garden I planted tomatoes, zuchinni, green peppers, red peppers, corn, lettuce and celery. The reasons I wanted to plant a garden is because I enjoy planting and harvesting all the vegetables. Also I wanted to do it because my family would have fresh vegtables.
My good deed was when I fed the little baby bunny under our deck. It was all by itself and was very skinny. :frown: I took some of the rabbit food in our house and spread it around in the grass so it could find it by itself. The next morning I saw it hopping around eating and after a couple days of that it was back to normal.
My good deed was when I bought someone food when they didnt have any for lunch.
My good deed was when I was in 2nd grade when I helped adopt a turkey vulture. It was for a animal club me and my friends made.So we raised money and adopted it. Later on it came and visited our class. It was a really cool experience and I wish I could do it again!
my good deed was when i helped my teacher organize his classroom to be nic.
My good deed was helping my mom make dinner I do this with my mom when ever I want to because I ejoy helping with dinner. I really love making pasta dishes with my mom. I started a cooking class so I could make dinner sometime.
My good deed was when I baby-sat for my little brothers. My parent were going out to an Indians game, and they needed someone to baby-sit for my brothers. So I volunteered, and my parents were very happy. So me and my brothers played alot of games, and had alot of fun!!
One day my friend billy fell down and broke his leg at school when he was running track.He had to use cruches and couldn’t carry his bag and other things.So i decided to help my friend out! :smile: I helped him carry his stuff to his car everyday for two weeks! But since he was my friend i had to.That is one of the many good deeds i have done in my life!

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