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Take Time to Breathe

It seems as though everyone continuously rushes through life, juggling so many things at once, not realizing all of the wonderful treasures around them that they are missing out on. What a blessing it is to see the sunrise and here the birds chirp in the morning. The birds sing and celebrate each new day. Unfortunately some of us just role out of bed and all they here are car horns in the busy city streets.

But what if things were not like that? What if people treasured others and were eager to hear what they had to offer to the conversation? What if others gave more of their time to listen and they spent more quality time together? What if people slowed down their pace, unafraid of dropping all the balls they have been juggling their entire lives? I feel the most valuable gift you could ever give someone is your time…time is so precious and you can never get the time back, you can never go back and do things differently, however it is never too late to begin a new day, just like the beauty of the sunrise, each day is all new and and all your own, and the great things about it, you can decide how your day is going to be. How could you take time to breathe? How could you give someone a gift of your time?

Robyn Scoggins
GSU-Atlanta, GA

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