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Good Deeds Festivity….!

We, teachers and students at Moulay Ismail School, have been so glad to celebrate ” good deeds”. This festivity was a modest one but full of meaning. Both teachers and students were so happy and have a strong will to go further with the project.

Aicha Smaili Moulay Ismail Meknes, Morocco.


A Visit to sick children in hospital

The students volunteer trip to the hospital and specifically children’s section, where m Gi distribution of their fellow patients, where they are interacting socially with the community around them and the comfort of the patient and his brother felt happiness and transmit them through their visit to these sick children.

Latifa Al-Kaabi IT Teacher Oman […]

Good Deeds Poem…..!!!

I am so happy to star over in this project and I would like to start with this modest poem which I dedicate to all participants in this project.

wish you all the best Aicha Smaili Moulay Ismail School Meknes Morocco.

Good Deeds God has beautifully created the universe, Open widely to people of different […]

Good Deeds in Nativity School, US

The 4th grade class at Nativity School in Cincinnati, Ohio USA loves doing good deeds individually and as a group. We hope to share some with you during this school year.

This flood was meaningful to our class as we partnered with a class in Pakistan on a project last year. We are praying for […]