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Re: Visiting a Nursery School

My name is Grace Mulei from Kenya. It was a great pleasure when iEARN US prosed establishment of iEARN Kenya, and great to be a country Co-ordinator, for promotion of iEARN great concepts that unite the global citizen members.

It is a joy to learn about Ismail Fayed great project.” Good Deeds”
within which great joy is realized.

All the good things in life are resultant factors of good turns or good deeds. This is the most noble project to be appreciated and practiced by us all.

Please let me share this personal experience on the “Good Deeds” concept.

After retirement as a teacher, I decided to start a charitable organization, in order to offer a service to someone. The target group was possible street slum children, and youth; and the concept was to use available resources including waste as teaching aids and apparatus.

Involvement of others was necessary to facilitate registration, though they had diverse interests on the project, despite starting from a scratch.

It was amazing to realize how the project took off. The parents and guardians subscribed in kind to facilitate the feeding program.

Although we had no teaching materials, no books and no class rooms, it was possible to use part of my retirement benefits to start the project. We rented slum structures to creat a school that accommodated sixty children and six part time teachers.

The school encouraged multipurpose creativities, so that the materials would cover diverse subjects.

Children were inspired to collect fallen flowers and leaves, charcoal bits and peaces, sticks and whatever was freely available.

The nearby wood workshops offered saw-dust used as fuel to cook for the kids and wood off cuts to produce wooden toys.

Skilled workmen offered skills for production of wooden toys. Well wishers subscribed for work shop expanses including band-saw costs. The children’s center produced the best wooden toys, and the happiest environment for the would be street children.

I was among those who subscribed for whatever was required in the free education for the poor slum children.

Other services included participation in the GYSN, where the youth volunteered to clean the environment by collecting garbage; which they did very happily.

The biggest challenge was when the illegal slum structures were pulled down, including the school that offered free education through the use of available resources. Most of the school production was stolen during the demolition.

The other challenge was public believe that all NGOs get great funding from donors even the very day they start to operate.

It is possible to inspire communities to serve without deserving a reward.

Imagine if we can avoid the use of: I, me, my, my capacity, for self esteem and selfish interest. There would be no strive for greed, no jealousy, no suspicion, if everyone aimed to do good to others. There would be cooperation, where everyone helps, and seeks advice for better achievement!

May the good God help us, and the “Good Deeds Project” be embraced by all the iEARN family members and help each one of us think of others more that we think of ourselves.

Quart: “It is better to give than to receive, and there is joy in doing good.”

I trust the students participation in this most useful project will help to create a peaceful world and also a well Balanced Global Citizen.

Please allow to include some images.

Thank you dear moderator.
Please view the attached images on joy out of Good Deeds.

Grace Mulei, Kenya

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