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Re: GSU-Good Deeds In Atlanta (A work that has to be done)

I don’t see it as volunteer work anymore but work that has to be done. Most of the work that I do is done at the recreation center where my son partipates in various activities. My duties are plentiful ranging anywhere from coaching cheerleading to running the concession stand. I do whatever it is that I feel needs to be done. During the present season (basketball) I devote a minimum of ten hours a week. Throughout the rest of the year I fill in where I see fit. The experience you gain and the relationships that you build are priceless. I think that the main reason I do what I do is because of my love for children. I see it as the village helping to raise the children. I see the effect that not just I but the other volunteers as well have on the children, the time they devote, and the love they give and I feel proud to be apart of a family–which we see ourselves as–that cares so much for the CHILDREN. I feel that if more people would give just a little of their tim e,just maybe we could reach more of society’s troubled youth. In many instances that’s all they need, to know what someone cares. And care I do.

Shunte’ Duggan
Georgia State University, USA

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