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Re: A Mother’s Love

dear yamani & M.r Ismail,

As I can I remember the love and respect to my parents, but sometimes anybody in the world became nervouse of something or angry and maybe he hurts someone by his words but when he get calme he should excuse for what he do, but what the story show that the boy was very upset from his mother one eye and his reaction was by hurting here badly hurts just by his words but she never care for it !!

However, this woman really great, she takes on her boy words and never be upset from him , and at last here one eye which here son thought that it is a shitty sign she gave it to him , this boy (if this story tru ) should cry for all his life and ask god to forgive for him , and help people.

My other comment that any person in our world God created with any sign or something bad, we should help him and make him feel as if he is a normal person, not to ran away from him and be afraid from it’s something wrong – caz any one of us could be like him or someone very near to him be cause by that …

My greetings and love to your parents.. Be polite in your communication with others and help people,`

Sherry M.

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